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A journal for curious minds, ìrìn journal speaks to those who love culture, thoughtful design and engaging stories.

The Babes of Nollywood

Meet Tochi, one half of the sisters behind Nolly.Babes, your favourite instagram account that sparked the current return to old Nollywood.

Garden of Portraits.

Young photographer Chuka Nwobi partners with Adjoa Armah to explore the beauty of individual freedom through storytelling that touches on familial ties, the diaspora’s sense of home and the social network of ghosts.

Black Utopia

Thompson Ekong shares his pink dreams and infinite possibilities wielding a father and his son.

Extract: Eye to Eye (Black Women, Hatred and Anger)

In her collection of essays and speeches titled 'Sister Outsider', Audre Lorde makes a call for Black women to truthfully explore their relationships with each other.

Fiyin Segun

Exploring visual themes with a fauvist approach to cubism , Fiyin's work is deeply rooted in her personal experiences and outlook on life.

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