Arts & Culture

Extract: Eye to Eye (Black Women, Hatred and Anger)

In her collection of essays and speeches titled 'Sister Outsider', Audre Lorde makes a call for Black women to truthfully explore their relationships with each other.

Fiyin Segun

Exploring visual themes with a fauvist approach to cubism , Fiyin's work is deeply rooted in her personal experiences and outlook on life.


A journal for curious minds, ìrìn journal speaks to those who love culture, thoughtful design and engaging stories.

Abe Odedina

Question time with the spiritually- inclined artist about his style, roots and musings.

In memory : Khadija Saye

It's been two years since the tragedy at the Grenfell tower, and two years since we lost the Gambian - British photographer whose career was just beginning to flourish around the time of her death.

Black Utopia

Thompson Ekong shares his pink dreams and infinite possibilities wielding a father and his son.

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